Isabella Myers' Archive

Module 4

Posted on: March 9, 2010

5 images of art

“Installation View. Left: ‘Flags of Our Mothers’ #1-12.” Hvass&Hannibal 15 Jan 2010.


Travessa, Joao. “Dividers from Digital Temple Magazine.” Spring Issue Digital Temple Magazine.


Russo, Alberto. “Swatch MTV Playground.” date published unknown, Sting One.


Westwood, Daniel. “Untitled.” 13 Aug. 2009. Family.


3 images from daily media

Roberts, Nicholas for New York Times

Evan Sung for New York Times. Chocolate with hazelnut crunch at Cookshop’s ice cream cart, NYC


Gabriele Stabile for The New York Times. Tomato and buffalo mozzarella tart at the restaurant Recipe, NYC.


3 writings

1) Lisa Loeb and Me by Alexi Wasser

2) 1000 Words: Kelly Nipper by Kelly Nipper

3) Elsewhere Collaborative: Communal, Dispersal, and Reciprocity by Rebecca Cochran

1 song

Love Comes Close by Cold Cave [youtube]

1 video

Buster Keaton’s The General.

Specifically this scene: [youtube]

one new artist

Untitled #11 (The Bedroom)

Untitled #10 (The Pantry)

Untitled #8 (The Dining Room)

Untitled #1 (The Living Room)

Untitled #6 (View from the Kitchen).

Lari Pittman [Gladstone Gallery]


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