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Posted on: May 4, 2010

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Karsh, Yousuf, Pablo Picasso, 1954

Karsh, Yousuf, Albert Einstein, 1948

Karsh, Yousuf, Fidel Castro, 1971Karsh, Yousuf, Alberto Giacometti, 1965

Karsh, Yousuf, Audrey Hepburn, 1956

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I chose to include these portraits by Yousuf Karsh because I think they are relevant to my project. He has the ability (especially in the photograph of Albert Einstein) to share a subject’s personality with a very *staged* photograph.

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juno by tokyo police club

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Everything Episode 7

Produced by Jason Whetzell and Danny Jelinek


(will discuss below)

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Alice Neel’s portrayal of the self in self-portraits is something that interests me regarding my project. It is similar in the sense of its expression of self-image.

“For Neel, the blankness of her mother’s eyes must have been particularly painful […] it was through the expression of her mothers face that she judged her own actions: ‘my psychiatrist told me I got interested in painting portraits because I liked to watch my mother’s face …. It had dominion over me. Since she was so unpredictable, he thought I watched her face to see whether she pproved of things or not.’ In her mother’s blankness she observed the extinction of her own life […] Her Self-Portrait, Skull, a drawing of 1958, testifies to preoccupation with her own death at this point.”

This relates to my project in that her expression goes beyond the physical representation of herself in this drawing, but ascends to deeper, psychologically rooted issues in which she attempted to express her inner soul.

She says, regarding painting portraits of others: “I become the person for a couple of hours, so when they leave and I am finished, I feel disoriented. I have no self. I don’t belong anywhere. I don’t know who or what I am. It’s terrible, this feeling, but it just comes because of this powerful identification I make with this person.” She is projecting herself into the subject, and learning how it is to be that person.

She dealt with personal issues regarding old age and its affect on her physical appearance, by coping with an internal image that varied with her external appearance.

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