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Posted on: March 23, 2010

Paper: essay

Mock-up 1:

5 images

Odd London. “Brochure Design for OA.” <;

Odd London. “Architect sales brochure for premium range of bathroom fittings by Grohe.”


Odd London. “Retail marketing brochure for legacy development around The Dome, commissioned by Greenwich Peninsula Regeneration Limited, the joint venture between Lend Lease and Quintain.” <;

I’m really into ODD’s print material, they have the perfect balance between design and content. I hope to achieve something similar in graphic quality and organized or simple composition.

Studio Output. “Pages from Dance Mapping.” <;


Triboro Design. “Page from Tar Magazine.” <;

I am looking at these pages for inspiration for my book, specifically in order to convey concepts with imagery and text in interesting ways. Because I hope my book will be a narrative, not through text, but through exploring the relationship between text and imagery.

images of labor

Atomix Cafe

1 song

The Devil by PJ Harvey



Rize [link]

new artist

These are all works by Matt Furie, an artist that I was previously familiar with but hadn’t read much on until today he was brought up in class and I revisited his drawings and found similarities between my approach and his approach at drawing. Although Matt Furie is much more successful at releasing all his inhibitions to explore the darker works of his psyche with kitschy subject matter.


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