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Posted on: March 23, 2010

5 images of art

Paul & Scott, Image from Enormoose Story. Paul & Scott Make Stories. <;

This is a reaaaally exciting find! I found this guy Paul Octavious last week, and found this collaborative project he does with a friend of his. They make little storybooks and they are so cute, and I think they both live in Chicago, at least Paul does.

Jean, James. “Liber Novice.” Acrylic, Oil, & Pastel on Canvas, 60 x 48″, 2009.


Mackenzie, Alexis Anne. “Cyclic II”, 2010. <;

Lundgren + Lindqvist “Creative Collage Effect.” 17 Feb 2010.


Odd London. “Booklet for Westfield Group.” <;

images of labor


This week I did very little reading. Mostly just readings for my Art History course and my Bible course.

1 song

Great Ghosts by The Microphones

[link] *the video is creepy, do not watch*


Every Oscar Winning Movie Ever by Britanick.

new artist

I can’t find much on this artist other than direct quotes from him in Spanish but he has a very interesting style and shares a lot from his process in his flikr account.



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