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Posted on: February 16, 2010

5 works I like and relate somehow to my interests:

Julien. “Fragil 02.” PlasticBionic 24 Oct. 2008. 15 Feb. 2009.


Chang, Adam. “Semi-Permanent.” Adam Chang date published unknown. 15 Feb. 2010.


Quintanilla, Tania. “Untitled.” TQ Photo date published unknown. 15 Feb. 2010.


Dellaquilla, Salvatore. “Nickelodeon.” Salvation Design 2009. 15 Feb. 2010.


Ramirez, Martin. “Untitled (Collage).” American Folk Museum 1952. 15 Feb. 2010.


3 pictures from the daily media that moved me:

Cenicola, Tony. “Tamara Riewe.” Photograph. New York Times 14 Feb. 2010. 15 Feb. 2010.


Sung, Evan. “Polenta with Sausage.” Photograph. New York Times 12 Feb. 2010. 15 Feb. 2010.


Sung, Evan. “Deep-fried sweet potatoes bathed in hot caramelized sugar.” Photograph. New York Times 9 Feb. 2010. 15 Feb. 2010.


3 pieces of text that interested me in some way:

1) A Poignant Trail of Broken Hearts, All on Display. By Sebnem Arsu.

2) The Unthinkable as a Tolerance Lesson. By Aileen Jacobson.

3) A Survey of a Field Hard to Define. By Ken Johnson.

1 song or music piece that stuck with me during the week:

Artist: The Dream

Album: Love vs. Money

Song: Love vs. Money (link to youtube)

1 movie that resonated in some manner:

Ida Walked Away by Takafumi Tsuchiya.

1 new artist, filmaker, writer, etc. I am inspired by:

Remed is a French graphic grafitti artist who lives in Spain and paints primarily murals and canvas. His artwork is very iconographic. Here are some statements that have been made about him and his work:

“France has long been a breeding ground for unusual yet badass graff styles.
It’s no surprise then that the work of French graffiti artist REMED is both unusual
and badass in the extreme. REMED is a spin-off alter-ego of the artist Guilo who
initially gained fame with his Moroccan-influenced paintings of bearded men.
That heavily-patterned style mixed with a yen to create art on any available
surface led Guilo to create the REMED persona to distinguish his new characters
and symbols from previous work. What sets him apart is the focus on his own
evolution and a minimum of deep message. He’s doing his own thing, and it’s nice
to come across that particular kind of passion in the graff world, the pure joy of cr
eating regardless of outside influences.” Source : Our art US)”

“Remed takes every style past its due date and makes
it fresh. Art Nouveau and “Free to be You and Me” graphics of the seventies
are made strikingly contemporary. If you were to synthesize into a single
body of work, the “New Image” of the early eighties with the graffiti writers
who entered the New York art world around the same time. . . . Remed
would emerge. Experienced with a limited time frame for execution,
Remed solves color interactions quickly and accurately. The English
language is manipulated with formidable typographic skill and a vicious
sense of style. You know Remed is special when you see his transmutation
of the curved arms of the French avant-garde. He’s paid his dues, he’s
dubbing over history. ” (Source : Brooklynite gallery. Zach. NY.US)

Here is some of his work:

“The Only Truth.”

“Roots Africa.”

“Thanks For Letting Me Hold U.”

“Love We Dar.”

“Nue A Croup I.”

His portfolio is here.


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